When a woman becomes a mother everything changes.

Maybe you left a successful career or give up on school in order to care for your young one.  You may no longer recognize yourself as the career minded and free spirit you once saw yourself as.

This is a powerful time of transition that is best navigated with gentle guidance and support. That's why I put together my knowledge about birth and healing into a 4 part Life Purpose Coaching series.

Honor the wondrous and life changing power of birth and transition to motherhood while awakening and manifesting your deepest desires with this gentle and supportive program.

Journey Within, Life Purpose Coaching For Mothers

This course is designed a  for Mothers who want to rediscover who they are and live their life with a renewed sense of gratitude and purpose.  

1. Understanding

Self discovery tools to bring about inner awakenings

2. Awakening

Re-aligning yourself to your new path

3. Embracing

Use energetic mindfulness techniques to remove barriers to change

4. Manifesting

Manifest your purpose and celebrate your accomplishments

$75 a session, each session is 60mins