The Postpartum Healing Journey is a free self help course traveled at your own pace to help you heal from difficult birthing experiences.  

Do you feel Sad, Anxious, Weary or are you struggling to adapt to your new role as a mother?

After both the difficult hospital birth of my son and the beautiful yet sorrowful homebirth of my daughter 3 weeks after the death of my mother I felt defeated.  I struggled to feel joy and anxiety kept me awake at night frightened and worried.

I remember thinking, "is this really what it feels like to become a mother? Stressed, anxious and sleep deprived?" I was really struggling.  At that time I didn't realize that the key to my contentment was to take time out for myself and process my experiences of birth and the change to motherhood. To help myself I began daily journaling, meditation and sought out a therapist to help me transform my stress to peacefulness. Once I felt better I realized that all along I had the power to heal myself and I didn't need to spend hundreds of hours on therapy. Simple journaling, meditation and somatic healing exercises could quickly return me to a state of peace and contentment. 

When creating the Healing Journey I combined all of these healing modalities and packaged them into one simple PDF so that mother's can access them anytime from the privacy of home.

I know how hard it is to find time for yourself. 

Your time as a mother is precious and limited. That's why I included only the most vital elements of healing in this Journey.

This free course is designed with real mothers in mind.



This is the home birth of my daughter. Her birth was both a beautiful and terribly sorrowful moment after losing my own mother to cancer just 3 weeks prior.

"The Postpartum Healing Journey was exactly what I needed after my son's birth." A.F.

"The journaling assignments gave me an outlet to express how I was truly feeling." S.H.

"I loved it!" L.J.

 The free online course will provide for you a guided mediation that you can use as a way to relax, rest and feel peace. 

"The meditation is so relaxing, I use it daily." S.H. 

Meditation creates a calm mind and relaxed body, it gives our psycho/emotional self a space to release, heal and evolve.  


A 3 Part Journey Combined with the Power of Guided Meditation


The Journey Begins

Gathering your tools, take your first steps on your path to Healing.

2. Releasing

Affirm your Truth

You will then recognize and affirm your truth in order to set yourself free.

3. Integrating


Embracing Her Evolution

Finally you will release yourself from your past experiences, embracing your new life.

What is included in the free course?




Find the Free PDF and Guided Meditation Here

The Postpartum Healing Journey -  healing from home